Original Murals and Commissions

Applying the finishing touches to the mural at the Saracen’s Head

One of the areas of her work that Jan really enjoys is the creation of original murals and paintings that have been commissioned for a particular space or to capture a memory or vista that is special to the client.

Her most recent example was a 4,5 x 1,5m mural “The Mystical Wye” which was created in the dining room of the Saracen’s Head, Symonds Yat. Here she worked closely with the clients to create an impressionistic panorama of the Wye Valley from Hereford to the Sea, which has gained critical accalaim from both guests and the press and a very satisfied customer.

For more details, click here or if you are interested in commissioning your own original murals or paintings contact Jan directly on artijan@hotmail.co.uk